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We are proud International (and local) Award-Winning Visual Communicators!

Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Best Marketing & Promotion Company


Winning the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce 'Business Excellence Award' for Best Marketing & Promotion Company was a real thrill.
We have lived in the area for over 33 years and this award made us feel even more a part of this great community.

While some say they can tell your story, we are in the unique position - with our decades of Local, Regional, National and International TV, Broadcast & Film experience - to be able to delve so much deeper to get to the real, authentic HEART of your story.
We firmly believe that YOUR STORY MATTERS!™

Here's co-founder Mary Giuffre telling you what we are all about - followed by some testimonials - and some samples.
You can get in touch with Mary by EMAIL HERE!