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We are proud International (and local) Award-Winning Visual Communicators!

Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Best Marketing & Promotion Company


In the mean time, here's co-founder Mary Giuffre telling you what we are all about - followed by some testimonials.



inspirtainment inc™ is a unique Graphic Design, HD Video|Drone & Promo company established in 1987 by Mary Giuffre and Paul L. Clark.

Our timeless designs and creative ingenuity can be found on TV networks, cable stations, movie screens, in organizations, boardrooms and on store shelves worldwide. EVERYTHING you need the public to see from you, your company, service or product, we create and design it. Even generating a unique name. Then we find the best, affordable supplier to manufacture, build, print, install, wrap or deliver your promotional materials - from business cards, brochures, signage, vehicle wraps, tee-shirts, websites and more - so you have what we call "Visual Continuity" throughout your entire public promotional efforts.

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What is an R.G.D. Paul L. Clark is a proud member. (The Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario)

Through creating and developing our own concepts for diverse industries or by providing creative, content and production services to assorted industries, we expertly combine a wealth of experience from Art & Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Broadcast Production, Motion Graphics, Web Design (not build), Print & Digital Design to Promotional Videos and Broadcast.